Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler on what we can look forward to in the finale.

on Oct 29, 2008

See ya Later Decorator, I mean Stylist, I mean Designer, I mean ... Lifestyle Brand Titan? Is that right? Did you guys notice when Eddie said in his exit interview "I'm very talented and I have great taste?" When did it become OK for people to heap praise upon themselves? I would be MORTIFIED if I ever said such a thing to anybody--husband, shrink, dog, mother, self, ANYBODY--let alone said it on TV. But we seem to live in a time when self-love is perfectly normal.

Like Sheree from The Real Housewives of Atlanta (best show on TV), Eddie Ross flaunts his overly high self-esteem, but he doesn't realize how unappealing it is and, ultimately, how self-defeating it is. Eddie Ross wants to have a LIFESTYLE BRAND and he keeps third personing himself and saying "Eddie Ross" this and "Eddie Ross" that and I just want to leap into the TV set and tell him to CALM DOWN TO A PANIC. Oh Eddie, you're doing it all wrong and, ultimately, you're doing yourself a disservice. Words of advice for the dearly departed Eddie Ross: Be humble, focus on your creativity and talent, find your own voice (it should be a YOUNGER VOICE, btw, you don't have to parrot your employer), don't worry about labels (stylist, decorator, designer, elf, whatever!), be nicer to salespeople in stores, and, for God's sake, please don't ever refer to yourself in the third person. Thank you. Preston (Eddie's polar opposite) impresses me more and more each week. His quiet confidence and focus seem to be very threatening to the other designers, particularly Eddie, and rightly so. His design was INCREDIBLE.