Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler points out what he loved about this week's challenge.

on Oct 15, 2008

Totally dug this week's challenge. What a great opportunity to do something insane, to re-think the way we live and create a fantasy lifestyle. In my future, all the heinous world problems will be eradicated: no war, no hunger, no poverty, no AIDS, global warming will be so yesterday, and, my greatest hope of all, no celebrities sharing their views on politics or demanding discounts from designers. My room of the future would be centered around craft. I know it sounds silly cause the world is getting more and more high tech, digital, cell-phonish, and slick. But, I'm a potter and I gotta say that no amount of technology will ever take the place of a hand-thrown coffee mug or a hand-loomed throw. So, if I were one of the kids this week I probably would have created a hippie-dippie, crafty-ass, macrame-encrusted refuge from technology, more 1973 than 2108. That's how I see things.

As for the kids...... Ondine had a bleak view of the future. In her 2108 global warming has destroyed our planet and we live in life-size fridges. Provocative, political, ambitious, lots of nifty touches like them fans and the cooling fireplace. The execution wasn't so hot, but the overall effect was pretty cool. Speaking of cool, Preston is a cool cucumber. He never complains, never explains, and always always always impresses! I love that he knows just what he can accomplish in the alotted time and makes it look amazing. His room wasn't futuristic, but it was beautiful and I think that's legitimate. Preston isn't a provocateur, but he is a BRILLIANT designer. LOVED his wall of mouldings. I promise you that every boutique hotel designer in the country is copying that idea even as we speak. Loved it.

Preston didn't surprise me, but he certainly did impress me. Believe it or not, I wasn't surprised by Eddie's cloning office. It makes perfect sense that he would want to create an army of Eddie Rosses to proselytize for the Eddie Ross Lifestyle Brand. But has Eddie really thought this through? If the Eddie Ross clones are true clones, mightn't each Eddie Ross want his own Lifestyle Brand and compete with each other? These are the kinds of issues one must grapple with when launching a Lifestyle Brand and contemplating the biomedical ethics of cloning. Lifestyle Brand launch notwithstanding, I totally dug Eddie's room! The Albert Hadley references, ranging from the splattered wallpaper to the use of Hadley's trademark red, were tres tres chic. That classical foundation was a brilliant platform for the futuristic garishness of the gold details. Tres clever, tres chic, tres condusive to a Lifestyle Brand Launch Pad. Andrea--cute, some nice moments, all in all, very pretty.