Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler's scoop on the Triathlon.

on Oct 1, 2008

Successful design should take you to a groovy place and resonate with a successful design moment in the past ... Not sure what I'm talking about?

This week's triathalon illustrates the point. Nathan's winning chair with its electric blue and gold lame, (the winner of Leg 1 of the Triathlon of Design) worked because it was totally Thierry Mugler, 1982, hard-glamour, New Wave meets punk, giant shoulder pads, Area club, when drugs were fun and New York felt like Oz (the magical city, not the prison). Meow! Nathan's winning design in Leg 2 of the Triathlon, the tablesetting challenge, couldn't have been more different. I was transported to the French countryside and I fully expected to see Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas comin' round the bend with a heapin' plate of hash brownies before we all sat down for a lunch (with Van Gogh too--why not?) full of intellectual bluster and peasant-y bread.

Natalie's winner in Leg 3, her garden room, evoked a slightly more mundane but equally resonant experience, chilling out on a Sunday afternoon, soaking up the sun, wanting the day to never end, not a care in the world. Those were the winners. There were other very successful designs that transported moi to happy places.