Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler reveals the key to a successful party.

on Mar 14, 2007

Goil could have spoken up more on the subject of executing his ideas though. If you think two vs. one is hard, wait until you're navigating an entire room of consultants, each an advocate for their own agendas, budgets, and creative designs. Two against one is no excuse. Ten against one is maybe an excuse but when you know your idea rocks...

The doorman? Loved him, really set the mood for the party. The flowers in both tents? Loved them not so much. The arrangements in general wilted beneath too much thinking, and Andrea's "sculptural arrangements" looked like maybe they had fallen over.

Overall, both tents delivered the goods but as an overall package, Matt, Carisa, and Michael's event took this week's Top Design. By the way -- it was probably obvious that I wasn't feeling well during the filming of this week's episode.

Everyone said I was a "trooper" but I felt like more of a drooper. Lord.