Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler shares her thoughts on the final challenge.

on Apr 11, 2007


Let's start with Carisa. Though a bit of a fit-thrower, an expressive personality does often go hand-in-hand with the creative spirit. Polish and control will come with experience -- look how Carisa's confidence has developed over the course of this season alone. Going in feeling she needed to prove she could "do" luxury did not inhibit Carisa's exuberant pop sensibility.

Since one of the judging criteria was having the end result loft be all about the designers themselves, I felt Carisa really hit the mark with her striking and functional loft. She retained the "feel" of a loft; not as easy a task as it may seem. The sunken bed was an inviting and inventive surprise.


I can't help but wonder what she would come up with if Carisa experimented by infusing more of an organic feel into her work. Also, that last hour to attend to final touches should not have been ignored. Time is a resource and must be managed just like a budget. Don't go over! I hope you got a good night's sleep afterwards, Carisa. You certainly earned it.

Moving on to a guy also deserving of a great night's rest, Matt's loft was calm, fluid, and steeped in a sense of permanence and quality. (Ironic for a guy who describes himself as "low class" in the Chef's Table episode.) Matt's elegant monochromatic space benefited from the airiness of Lucite, the rhythmic black & white family photos hung on the walls, and an underlying sense of raw minimalism.