Margaret Russell

Margaret Russell critiques the bachelor pads.

on Sep 24, 2008

First things first: The phrase "panty-dropping chic" is sexist, sensationalist, and simply vile; it made me truly apoplectic. Jeez Louise, James is a conscientious law student and an all-around nice guy, not some Girls Gone Wild womanizer. All right. I'm done.

Now let's get down to business. It's unbelievable the contestants could even stand after this episode as the challenge and judging resulted in wildly late nights: It was already 10 p.m. when Jonathan and I announced the flower Pop Design, and the next day's Bachelor Pad elimination taped nearly until dawn.

Lucky for us, our guest judge, Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis, made it less onerous. He is sharp, smart, and funny, plus he brought along the fabulous Jenni Poulos as his entourage. Jeff's a talented designer and has a great eye, and yes, he is just as eccentric as he seems on his show.

The Pop Design was fun--who knew that Nathan could do simple, chic, and slightly sweet? His flowers were well planned, beautifully executed, and amazingly free from underlying political symbolism.

Eddie's lilac-and-delphinium composition was stunning. Its only flaw--as in the first Pop Design--was that we know he can do this type of thing blind-folded; Jonathan and I were disappointed he didn't try something more unpredictable.