Margaret Russell

Why Margaret Russell thinks this week was 'juicy.'

on Feb 14, 20070

Now then, the best thing about getting an advance DVD of the show is finding out what went on behind the scenes. (The worst is seeing how nearly every positive, constructive comment I make in the White Room never sees the light of day.) This week was juicy - who knew that Ryan and Carissa would get so ornery? Or that Michael would totally redeem himself with some serious manual labor? And I was surprised to see that Elizabeth, Matt, and Erik didn't heed Todd's color-palette advice the judges weren't aware that he'd specifically warned them. (In truth, we didn't even know that he shared our dismay.) One of our biggest surprises was the amazing fact that some of the contestants had no idea what a cabana was and a few were totally unfamiliar with their designated travel destination. Dictionaries and travel guides were verboten, so all the designers could go on was a postcard and their imagination.
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