Margaret Russell

Why Margaret Russell thinks this week was 'juicy.'

on Feb 14, 2007

Elizabeth wanted to avoid a cliched color palette and show a new level of sophistication, and it's clear that the team was creating a space that wasn't "typically Miami," but that wasn't what the challenge called for, as Todd had reiterated. The goal was for us to be able to walk up without any clues and think, Wow, that's so Miami! On team challenges it's difficult to determine who did what - or not - and there was lengthy questioning of everyone in the White Room. We were loath to send Elizabeth packing, but it was made clear that she was responsible for the color decisions and overall theme of the Miami space. Elizabeth is an intelligent and talented designer, and even though she went home earlier than she'd hoped, she won the first challenge and truly showcased her creativity. At the end of the day, she didn't create the Top Design. Stay tuned to find out who will...