Todd Oldham

Todd Oldham's take on the Chef's Choice Challenge.

on Mar 21, 2007

What a terrific challenge! This is the kind of dream job that most designers long for and we saw a lot of great design this week. As it should be at this point, everyone is doing excellent work. Andrea won this challenge and her room was fantastic. It was a great pleasure getting to see at Andrea work because I find her so stealth and calm and she has clever ideas and terrific taste. She calmly cut all those slate shards herself and she seemed to have her room finished early. Andrea has a HUGE future in design.

Goil's room was charming and peculiar, a perfect combination. Goil is one of those rare designers that just seem to see it all differently. He is clearly smart and sophisticated in his spatial ideas and there is always this quirky international charm that we now can recognize as pure Goil. I loved the chandelier. He used flowers in an extravagant and new way. How much fun for your guests! Carisa showed that she could work beautifully in somber rich color with the same grace and success. I admire her ability to instantly see all facets of design. She's not the kind of designer that needs need to work with a team of designers. She has shown a steady and identifiable hand each week especially when we get to see PURE CARISA.