Todd Oldham

Did Todd Oldham really design his house around his dog? Find out.

on Feb 7, 2007

Three down, nine to go. This weeks challenge was intense. The designers had to work alone and come up with the perfect bedroom for their busy clients. When they actually meet the clients they turned out to be 10-year-olds. It was fun to see which designers turned ashen and which brightened up when they found out. (I think it would be more fun to design for kids!) The budget on this challenge was far less than than the first one and that undid a few designers.

A talent like MATT, with his very refined taste, was really challenged working on a budget like that while the smart CARISSA , who has an apprecition for all kinds of materials, zipped right thru with ease.

While I liked most of the rooms, I was excited to se that ERIK had won because, if you were a kid pirate as his client was, you would flip to stay there. It was over the top and a total success.

But how does one decide success in viewing interior design? Is it because it's just beautiful? Or is it because the design perfectly met the client's needs? A complicated affair at best. Those judges have a tough job.