Todd Oldham

Todd Oldham answers your questions!

on Feb 28, 2007

I thought I'd take some time, while the show is a repeat, to answer some of the mail I've been getting... 

JD wrote: Todd -- who makes that long-sleeve striped polo you were wearing in an episode?
It was probably from Penguin. 

Jill wrote: Can anyone help me find the sweater that Todd wore at the beginning of last week's episode? It would be perfect for my boyfriend's birthday ... it was brown argyle, I think I was Lacoste?
It was Lacoste. It's thin wool and was heavily altered.

Jennifer wrote: Why doesn't Todd Oldham judge? Everybody watches to hear what he has to say. I wish he participated in the judging.
When I was asked to join the show, I felt like I would not be able to be a judge and be authentically helpful to the designers. I was happy to be on their side....

Sue wrote: Mr. Oldham, I agree with the response about age seems to equate failure. Tonight was a stretch with a paint color basis for elimination. (Are you sure you aren't missing your target audience? Not that you would let that influence your choices.) What do your judges ascribe as the standards for good design?
Hi Sue. Not sure what you are speaking about when you mention age and failure, but I feel that those two things have nothing to do with each other. The colour choices that seemed to be the reason for Elizabeth's send-off brings up an exact example of just how subjective a call design is. My comments on the colours that the team chose were based on my knowledge of Miami Beach. (I've designed a couple of hotels there.) To me, the colours, while not all bad on their own, were just wrong for the location of the project. A good colour sense comes from a deep understanding of what tones and colours are within a single shade, a learned history of colour in the hands of masters from art to architecture, and an ever-evolving appreciation of the magic that happens when the "right" colours are combined.