Todd Oldham

Todd Oldham shares his thoughts on the remaining contestants.

on Apr 4, 2007

I can't believe it's down to two! What a crazy ride this has been. We have seen some amazing ideas, some intense situations and some authentically great design.

I thought this week's challenge, the Elle Decor cover challenge, was a smart one as it really presented an exciting platform to let the designers shine. We were down to Andrea, Carisa and Matt, all major talents. This challenge mirrors a situation a lot of designers encounter in real life projects, a client showing you images they like and wanting something different. Interpretation of design is often more challenging than coming up with completely original efforts, but all three did terrific jobs.

Andrea came up with a design detail that I am so jealous that I didn't think of it first, her beautifully hand-embroidered baseboards! How luxurious and smart. I think this detail so perfectly captured the spirit of Andrea's design aesthetics. As a trained architect, Andrea always surprises me with her ability to think linearly like an architect should, but she always makes sure there is always a human touch to her efforts. I loved the beautiful orange paintings and especially enjoyed watching Andrea paint them herself. At this point in the Top Design competition someone has to go and sadly, this week, it was Andrea. Well done Andrea, and I'm sure we will be seeing lots of your amazing work for a long time.