Todd Oldham

Todd Oldham explains the necessity of imagination.

on Feb 21, 2007


This was a particularly exciting challenge for me because the safety net of good choices and fine taste that the Pacific Design Center offers was tossed out the window. It was time for reinvention and fast imaginations.

A lot of good ideas were in action and these were among my favourites. Goil's peculiar and smart re-imaging of a pair of dilapidated antique chairs seemed new and brilliant when he chopped the back legs off and slipped them over a ledge to level it out. It is a treat to see Goil in action.


Ryan came up with some terrific ideas. Loved his portable table and bench with the beautiful painted targets top and seats. I saw that table work perfectly before the judging so I know that must have been very frustrating for him when it didn't work for the judges.