The Time Frame

Todd Oldham's thoughts on the first elimination.

Welcome to Top Design, what an exciting adventure shooting this show has been! The contestants are amazing. Each brings with them something special and I was endlessly surprised at what they were able to achieve under very tough circumstances. The challenges on the show really do mirror the kind of challenges a designer faces in real life with one big difference ... the time frame. The fact that the designers conceive and realize their ideas is quite impressive and when you consider their achievements are all FINISHED in just a handful of hours. It's astonishing. The talented twelve were culled down from hundreds of people from all across the states and I'm so glad I had nothing to do with that selection process. That must have been so tough, but it only means the best of the best made it through.

Now the best of the best have to do what they do in a pressure cooker with a lot of people staring. Some rise to the occasion and some don't. But I can assure you that they all worked like mad and achieved Herculean efforts. This show is not for the faint of heart as you will quickly see but most importantly, I hope you enjoy Top Design, an exciting ringside seat to some of the most creative minds I've seen.  On the first challenge they were tossed right in....

Twelve designers, all sure they have they top design. The budget was huge on this challenge and that poses a challenge in itself -- restraint. In the end, Heather and Lisa were asked to head home and I know that, as it is a contest, people were going to have to leave, but it really was sad to see them go. It seems to me that we have 12 Top Designers but in the end only one can have THE Top Design. Stay tuned, Todd

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