Serge: Conspiracy Theorist

Serge reacts to his early elimination. Did you watch Top Design last season? Who was your favorite designer?

No ... I didn't watch Top Design last season. I just learned about the show a few months before the casting at New York Design Center. Who did you think your client would be?

I thought J. Adler was going to be my client because I ran into him on the plane ride before the show taping ... or actually I just passed by him in first class on my way to the coach section. What did you think when you found out your client was India?

I was utterly shocked. What comes to mind when you think of the island chic look that she wanted?

When I think of the island chic look she wanted the Voyage bed designed by Kenneth Cobonpue comes to mind. I think she would have loved that bed if we had the budget for it. Would you have kept that mirror crooked if you had time to arrange it?

I definitely wouldn't have kept the mirror crooked if I had time to arrange it. What do you think ultimately caused the demise of your team?

I think time constraints, poor communication, and lack of chemistry caused the demise of our team. What went through your mind when your teammates said you were the weakest link?

I disagreed and thought to myself, "It's a conspiracy!" Were you surprised when you were met with a Pop Design? What was your inspiration for your shadow box?

I was a little surprised mixed with a little excited when met with the Pop Design. I did something unconventional with the shadow boxes to emphasize that you can break rules in design. Where can people find your work?

People can find my work at and