Amanda Seyfried's Trick That She Used to Prepare Her Dog to Welcome Her Newborn Daughter Is Pretty Adorable

A friend shared the idea with the actress, who now swears by it.

Amanda Seyfried has been fiercely protective of her one-year-old daughter, whose name she has yet to reveal to the public. One thing the overly cautious actress is now sharing about her child is how she gets along with her rescue dog, an Australian Shepherd named Finn, and how they were — cautiously — introduced to each other. Her friend gave her the idea.

“You just take the hat home from the hospital, the one that they put on the baby after it’s born, and then you bring the hat home for like a day or two before the baby comes home and you just leave it by the dog and let him sniff it,” Amanda told PEOPLE, which called her relationship with Finn the "it couple" of the animal world, at the Best Friends Animal Society’s 3rd Annual New York City Gala to Save Them All. “It was the best we could do. It was hard. It’s an interesting transition for everybody but it worked.” 

Finn took the signal that the smell of the hat was a friendly one, and he's been great with the baby.

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“He still won’t play with her, which is absolutely fine because he’s big and she’s tiny,” she revealed. “We taught her ‘gentle’ since she was born and she always goes over and pats him, and she looks over at us, and pats him more.  And he lets her and sometimes he rolls over.”  Sounds like a bond that will only get more loving over time.

Finn wasn't able to attend the gala, but Amanda made headlines for "cheating" on him with a Chihuahua named Buttercup (seen below). Could this be baby no.3?!



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