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We Love the Sound of Rescue Dogs Being Matched with Prospective Owners Through Music Videos

The music streaming service Spotify partnered with a German shelter to create Adoptify.

Spotify has partnered with an animal shelter in Germany to create enticing music videos to help adopt rescues, an initiative called Adoptify. According to Adweek, a study at the University of Glasgow asserting that dogs have their own personal taste in music inspired the music streaming giant to get involved in the campaign, created by a creative agency called Serviceplan. The shelter actually played music for the dogs to see what they responded to before filming the spots.

So, for example, if you want a pup that loves techno, Ray would be your guy:

Or maybe you'd prefer one who loves beats and rhymes — a gal like Gloria:

Shelters that employ creative marketing techniques like this often see markedly increased rates in their adoptions, so this is an idea that deserves to be heard around the world.

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