13 Dogs Who Are Way More Santa Claus-y Than Santa Claus Is Santa Claus-y

Dog Santa is 100% bringing you a pig ear for Christmas.

If Santa Claus were a dog, he’d lead a team of eight rein-cats and hang his head out the sleigh window. He’d probably be very scared to land on each roof and require a local firefighter to get him down every time. Instead of milk and cookies, he’d request treats and more treats, and instead of putting candy in our stockings, he’d fill them with Greenies. Oh, and the only gifts he’d deliver would be tennis balls, sticks, Kongs full of peanut butter, and the occasional squeaky chicken.

So while it’s probably a good thing that Santa Claus is not a dog, we’re still more than willing to look at dogs who are simply dressed up as Santa. Will they sit on our lap, please?

HO HO HO 🤣😂😘

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