We Know Dogs Hate Wearing Boots Buuuuut… It’s So Cute We Don’t Care?

This is for your own good, puppers!

We don’t like to make generalizations, but there are two things in this world that almost all dogs hate: thunderstorms ... and wearing shoes. Sorry ‘bout it puppers — you know how much we hate to upset you — but the former is out of our hands and the latter is usually for your own good, especially during the winter season.

Dog booties are a necessary evil that protect pups’ paws from the cold and ice, while also ensuring they don’t get salt sandwiched in their nail beds (which can cause discomfort or even infection). But even though they’re serving a positive purpose, most dogs cannot stand them, and the resulting video footage is often, um, incredibly hilarious. 

Sorry not sorry, dogs!

Shoe shopping 👠💁🏼 #newbootgoofin

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Annie got to open one present early... #dogswearingboots

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Nietzsche's new snow boots #snowday #blizzard #dothesnowbootwalk #dogswearingboots #hehatesthem

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Bear gets boots! @babybeardog #kateandkobebear #shibainu #shibastagram #dogswearingboots

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