Beemo Means What? Gus Kenworthy Shares the Meaning Behind His Dog’s Name

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Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy may only be a silver medalist, but he’s golden in our eyes. We’ve been a fan of both his animal advocacy and his cute dogs in the past, so of course we are going to bring you updates on Gus and his fur child every opportunity we get! We’ve told you about how the Olympian and his boyfriend Matt Wilkas adopted a pupper from South Korea named Beemo ... but how is their little family now!?

In an interview with People, Gus answered those questions and more. As it turns out, adopting a dog from another country isn’t as simple as bringing the little furball on as your carry-on; there is a lengthy process for animals to be cleared to come into a new country, depending on where your animal is traveling to and from. Since Beemo was adopted with the help of the Humane Society International, they’ve stepped in and are helping the process along. The Humane Society has taken care of Beemo’s vaccinations and then, on March 13th, Beemo along with 89 other dogs will fly to Montreal where he will be reunited with Gus and Matt.

But before the ball got rolling on Beemo joining their family stateside, it was Matt and Gus' first meeting with the star pupper — aka love at first cuddle. After playing with a gaggle of puppies, Gus picked up Beemo and just knew they were destined for a life together. He told People, “I picked her up and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m never putting her down.’”

The unusual name Beemo came to them just as easily. It’s actually the name of a character from the cartoon Adventure Time and it’s not the first time Gus has mined the cartoon world for pet naming inspiration either. Gus’ dog he adopted after the Sochi Olympics is named Jake after a dog on Adventure Time with the same name.

We only have a few pictures of Beemo to tide us over for now, but we look forward to the family’s happy reunion and hope to see lots of pictures on social media of their reunion as early as next week!

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