Hilary Duff's Touching Goodbye to Dubois Is All Of Us Who Have Lost a Pet

"I will miss you everyday of my life my sweet boy."

Hilary Duff has lost many beloved pets in recent years. In February 2017, she said goodbye to a Chihuahua named Coco. In 2016, her French bulldog, Beau, passed into the sweet hereafter. Familiarity with loss, however, has not made the death of Dubois, Duff’s 10-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, any easier. She shared news of his passing on Monday, February 19.

Duff mourned him with a heart-breaking Instagram post:

“I never let myself imagine what this day would look or feel like. It was us. And we were invincible. I am having to look into your beautiful amber almond shaped eyes and tell you goodbye today. And honestly I would take the pain of losing you 10x over to have had you for even a quarter of that time my dubie. First of all...thank you...for being my best friend...truly. You have been with me though true pain, true happiness and joy, true confusion and disappointment and all over again."

She continued:

“You are more then I could have ever dreamt up on my own. I haven’t taken a step without you beside me for 10 years. You are my protector my comfort, my shadow, my understanding of all things good and warm and fierce. I can’t imagine this house without your noise, your love, your energy, your smile and wagging tail. I know I will move into other parts of my life without you but I am scared. I have faith you will still be my shadow, my angel. There aren’t adjectives big enough to describe my love for you Dubes. My gratitude. I will miss you everyday of my life my sweet boy. You were that once in a lifetime dog. That special bond that not everybody gets. And I got you. You picked me. You were a force. You changed me forever. I will see you at the other end of the rainbow My boy. Forever indebted to you.”


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All we can say, as we wipe away the tears, is that we’re sure that Duff's Labrador mix named Momo and Yorkie named Jack miss their brother, too.

Snoozers ...but not losers

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We get where Duff is coming from, however. There are just some pets who are perfect. They bond with you heart and soul, and when you lose them, it’s like losing a part of yourself. We send Duff and her family lots of love as they mourn the loss of their sweet boy — and Dubois, we know you’re happy in heaven.

For more photos and videos of Dubois, see below.

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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!🎄🎁

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🏡 (heart explosion)

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