Japanese Train Is Saving Deer Lives by Cleverly Mimicking Deer and Dog Noises

Does technology ever cease to impress?

Train engineers in Japan have created an ingenious solution for reducing the number of lethal accidents with animals. Researchers at the Railway Technical Research Institute equipped a train with speakers that blare sounds that mimic deer snorting and dogs barking and have found that they work as effective deterrents to scare away deer who like to lick the iron filings off of train tracks. (Wait, don't deer and dogs love each other sometimes?)

The sonic development is a vast improvement on other methods of repelling deer, such as covering train tracks in lion poop, which washes away during rain (and is lion poop).

“If our new contraption works, that will obviate the need for installing anti-trespass facilities at many locations,” an RTRI representative told The Asahi Shimbun. “We hope to finish it into a system that works in mountainous areas and elsewhere so railroad companies will want to introduce it.”



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