Hear Jewel Serenade Her Adorable New Puppy With a Classic Movie Tune

Sir Hep Hep is entering a very musical family. 

Jewel has a furry new addition to her family, and he's already reaping the main benefit of being a famous singer's dog: free concerts.

On March 12, the "Who Will Save Your Soul" singer took to Instagram to show a clip of her adorable puppy, Sir Hep Hep. The teeny creature in question has black and white fur, a mischievous glint in his eyes, and floppy ears that were made for scratching. Apparently, he also has a thing for songs from classic cinema.  

While filming, Sir Hep Hep eagerly looked around and wagged his tail as Jewel put on a jazzy voice to belt out some lyrics from "If I Only Had a Brain." Luckily, her six-year-old son Kase was on hand to make sure she got the lyrics right. 

The serenade was part of some very important training for the pup. "[I'm making] sure our new puppy ... gets used to be singing ... in full voice ... at any hour," she confessed.

We have a feeling the pup will adapt quickly to that. Congrats to Jewel and fam on their adorable new Shih Tzu addition!

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