It’s National Cuddle Up Day So It’s Probably Time to Grab a Puppy and a Blanket

This is the only holiday we care about tbh.

Novelty holidays have become a mainstay of social media over the years. National Sister-in-Law Day! National Peanut Butter Day! National Put a Chinchilla in Your Pocket Day! (Okay, we made that last one up but we’re immediately petitioning for it to become real.) But perhaps none have resonated so deeply as today: National Cuddle Up Day.

Now we haven’t exactly looked at the rules or traditions of this holiday, but we imagine you’re supposed to stay in your jammies all day, eat whatever you want, and grab a puppy to snuggle — preferably all under a blanket because ... January. To serve as your holiday inspiration, we’ve gathered up the 12 cutest cuddle puppies we could find on Instagram … so go on and snuggle up!

Baby Murphy😍 #snugasabug #wrappedupwarm #burritopuppy #cute #chinesecrested

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#burritopuppy (this was Dobby when he was only a few months old)

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