PHOTO QUIZ: Can You Identify the Celeb Based on Her Dog ONLY?

Honestly, we know some of these famous doggos better than their owners…

It’s 2018, and celebrity culture has so deeply permeated our lives that we can pretty much recognize any A-lister — even if it’s a blurry paparazzi photo where she’s hiding under a baseball cap at the airport. 

And many of our fave celebs are often out and about with their dogs, which means their pups become paparazzi fodder as well — so much so, that we now recognize some celeb dogs as well as their famed owners. (Seriously, if you can’t recognize Kristen Bell’s rescue dog Lola from a mile away, you’re not reading enough gossip rags.)

But here’s the question: Can you identify the celebrity based on her dog alone? We think you can! Or maybe you can’t, we don’t know your life … but won’t it be fun to try?

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