Puppy vs. Puppy Is the Obstacle Course Competition We All Need Right Now

This American Ninja Warrior off-shoot is the best show EVER.

If you’re a red-blooded American, you’re probably already familiar with American Ninja Warrior on NBC. (Or if you’re not, you most certainly have a friend named Steve who is.) Basically, a bunch of alarmingly athletic men and women attempt a number of obstacle courses that grow exponentially more difficult. And, if any of them complete the whole run, they achieve “TOTAL VICTORY.” (For context, thousands have tried and only two have won.)

There is also a USA Network spin-off called American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja, which is basically just popular American Ninja Warrior alums competing as teams for a cash prize. (Think: Top Chef All Stars, but with a lot less cooking and a lot more grunting.)

Anyway, if none of that is up your alley, USA has now introduced a spin-off’s spin-off called American Ninja Warrior: Puppy vs. Puppy. It’s the exact same show as American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja, except the ninjas have been replaced by puppies, and the grunts have been replaced by arfs. It’s sort of like how the Super Bowl has its canine counterpart in the Puppy Bowl, except that Puppy vs. Puppy is less than four minutes long, and therefore much more Internet-friendly and enjoyable.

It’s all pretty stinkin’ adorable, and honestly, we’re also pretty happy to now have something to talk to Steve about.

Credit: USA

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