Smallest Cat Species in the World Is 200 Times Smaller Than a Lion

The cat is still big on cute.

Regular readers of Unleashed will know we love a good tiny animal. Extra small puppers? We're in. A teeny tiny donkey? Show us all the pics. Itsy bitsy goats in itsy bitsy jammies? Puleeeze, we have time to scroll through dozens of pictures.

So, when we heard about the world's smallest cat, we were immediately sure it'd still be big on cute, but also instantly curious what exactly this magical creature looked like.

Weighing in at 200 times less than a lion, the teensy Rusty-spotted cat  — yes, that's the proper name, not our cutesy name for it — weighs in around two pounds and can fit in the palm of your hand. Who has two hands and is ready to sign up for that. (All of us.)

These cats live in Sri Lanka and are said to be pretty fierce hunters. And, with that face, we're totally slayed, too. Learn more from the scientists in this clip for the BBC Big Cats documentary below.

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