Taylor Swift's Cats Share a Scene With Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2

The pop star's "fuzzy daughters" Meredith and Olivia have differing reactions to the news.

Taylor Swift is so famous that even her cats, Meredith and Olivia, are super freaking famous — and their feline fame is about to be even bigger. The singer's "fuzzy daughters," as she calls them, make a cameo in the blockbuster movie Deadpool 2.

Meredith and Olivia are not actually in the movie, but they appear on a t-shirt worn by Ryan Reynolds that says, "Olivia & Meredith: Best Friends Purrrr-Ever."

Taylor took to her Instagram Stories to share Meredith and Olivia's reactions to their increasing fame. Meredith, she said, brought out her "next level purring" beacuse she "loves a cameo."

Olivia, who is admittedly more famous than Meredith already, seemed much less excited about the news — she pretty much stared and walked away.

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