If These Dogs Don’t Make You Wish for Snow, Something Is Seriously Wrong with You

Because the only thing purer than snow is DOGS!

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “pure as the driven snow,” meaning a field of snowflakes that have been touched by nothing except the drifts of the wind. It’s an evocative phrase that’s often used to describe virginal women (ugh) — but we daresay it much more appropriately applies to dogs.

Dogs, with their devil-may-care attitudes. Dogs, with their excitement over items as innocent as tennis balls. Dogs, with their relentless enthusiasm for literally walking. DOGS are as pure as the driven snow!

The irony, of course, is that when you release dogs into the snow, it instantly becomes un-driven, and in fact, morphs into a total mess because puppers lose their mind in the fluff-stuff. But we don’t mind. Pure x pure = pure2, and we are 1000% here for it!

Snow is so nice to roll in 🤗 but here I just play photovoltaic.

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I think he's enjoying the snow now #staffy #labrador #dog #dogsinsnow #running

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