This Miniature Pig Is Doing the Holidays Right

By staying close to her space heater.

Baby it’s cold outside … but it's warm in front of the space heater. Just ask Stella the miniature pig, who keeps cozy in front of her Crane Black Fireplace heater. Sometimes while wearing a festive red Christmas dress, and sometimes completely nude. She’s an inspiration to all of us who struggle to leave the house in the winter.

Should I have a meet and greet?!

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50K!!!!! Wow I love you all 💕

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Stella has been causing waves on the Internet. When her owner provided fans with a 10% discount code so that they could also buy a Crane Black Fireplace heater, THE INTERNET BECAME VERY ANGRY. Some people argued that Stella might be in danger. Others were furious that Stella was being used to promote a product.

Camp Stella 💕🐽 ⛺️ 🔥

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To those people, we say, RELAX. Does Stella look unhappy sprawled in front of the fire, warming her skin? Does she look unhappy that she has a teepee full of soft blankets, and is an Internet celebrity? No, she does not. The pig looks perfectly content. And moreover, her owner loves her so much that she lets the pig sleep in her bed at night. This pig, in other words, is not suffering.

After a long day of helping out Santa, Ms. Claus is pooped 💤

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Stella’s owner addressed her haters in a lengthy post. We say haters are gonna hate — but that doesn’t have to stop Stella from staying warm. And moreover, adorable. Keep the hygge coming, please!

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