We’re Ready to Turn Our Winter-Hating Dog into a Sled Dog, Too

TBH, this is what winter has come to.

With much of the country under an EXTREME COLD WARNING, it's safe to say winter is here and it’s pretty much the worst. Our pup may be bundled up in a hat and boots but, as the saying goes, you can lead a dog to the sidewalk, but you can’t make him walk.

Savvy dog owner Rebecca Janovsky came up with a custom solution that she shared with ABC 7 Chicago: She turned one of her pups into a sled dog. Using a box that once held pineapples and an extendable leash, she created a sled for her pooch so the one that wanted to walk could walk and the one that was still waiting for his hot tea à la Mariah Carey could be pulled along on the throne. 

This could easily be replicated at home if you are facing the same problem with your pup — and your pet is well-behaved enough to ride along calmly. Since we haven’t seen a pineapple lately (outside of our tropical-island dreams), this can be created with any box that would comfortably hold your dog and pimped out with some blankies. Any leash could be used but extendable leashes would make it easier to take him on and off to do his business. TBH, this is what winter has come to.

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