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Who's Going to Win the Super Bowl? The Animals Have Chosen

If you're into betting, you might want to listen to this giraffe, porcupine and puppies.

The non-human Super Bowl predictions are in, and they're surprisingly consistent with what official oddsmakers are saying. The Wrap noted that both April the Giraffe and Jimmy Fallon's squad of puppies have come to the same conclusions.

Here's April's choice to take it:

Her opinion was echoed by a pile of 11 puppies that piled on to the same team:

If somehow this isn't enough ammunition to go place a bet on the Patriots, perhaps consider the choice of Teddy Bear the Porcupine, the "#1 animal prognosticator" who is 5-1 in choosing Super Bowl victors.

Are you onboard with these picks — or are you still rooting for the underdogs?

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