Wild Gorillas See a Mirror for the First Time — How Will They React?

This you have to see to believe.

What happens when you give a few gorillas a mirror attached to a hidden camera? They promptly take selfies with it, of course.

We're not scientists but to our untrained scientific eye — but very well-trained selfie eye — it looks like these gorillas were super into the idea of the mirror and their reflections. The narrator explained that, much like human babies, gorillas often don't understand the concept of a reflection when they first see it. According to his well-trained scientific eye, he says they are not into their reflections and explained that they are likely confused or aggressive when seeing themselves for the first time when that registers.

Seriously, that's not what it looks like to us — these gorillas look all about this mirrored device. Watch the BBC Earth video below and judge for yourself.

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