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Vikki Ziegler

Vikki on the Craziest Item She's Ever Assessed What have you been up to since last Season of Untying the Kno t? Vikki Ziegler: I have added two new lawyers to my law firm of Ziegler and Zemsky; launched divorced dating my new app for divorces to find love again; created a hair and...
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Vikki on Who Gets the House

Often times people don't want to sell or move out of their marital home that they have lived in for a long period of time. Many people become attached to the decor, the memories and exiting their beloved home signifies the end of their marriage...
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Vikki on Pet Custody

If you love your pet as much as I do, you can certainly understand Krissy and Tina's love for their two dogs and the fact that neither of them wanted to part with living with their big, adorable pooches. In fact, conflicts over pets can be just as...
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Settle or Reconcile? Vikki Weighs In

Sometimes when a couple decides to mediate their divorce one or both are ready to divorce. At least, that is usually their intention when they begin the mediation process. However, when the couple starts the process they never really know what to...
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Vikki on Splitting the Pension

Many people work very hard to obtain pension benefits so that they can retire and have the ability to support themselves after they stop working. Most retirement benefits that accrue after a party marries is generally subject to distribution....
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Vikki on Dividing Property

Breaking up is hard to do. Dividing assets can be even more difficult when one party worked hard for them. In the case of Jennifer and Golan, Golan purchased properties, had them fixed and made them into income-generating properties. Jennifer...
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