Untying the Knot: Andre and Keith's Assets Breakdown

Peruse the contested items and get the rundown of who got what in the end - and how much they got it for!

Pigs, voodoo altars, and silverware? Vikki Ziegler may have seen her most eclectic mix of pieces yet. See our rundown of the contested items below and try your hand at appraising the assets yourself!

1.  Priscilla Pig of the Desert

Appraised Value: Priceless

Judgement: Shared Custody

2.  Silverware Collection

Purchase Price: $500

Appraised Value: $4,550

Judgement: Keith, $2,275 Credit to Andre

3.  Impressionist Painting

Purchase Price: Gifted

Appraised Value: $50

Judgment: Keith

4.  Voodoo Altars

Purchase Price: Gifted

Appraised Value: $1,200 for the Haitian Voodoo Flag

Judgement: Divided, $600 Credit to Keith

5.  Home/Business Property

Purchase Price: $280,000

Appraised Value: $900,000

Judgment: Split Sale Value

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