Untying the Knot: Meredith and Andy's Assets Breakdown

Peruse the contested items and get the rundown of who got what in the end - and how much they got it for!

This week on Untying the Knot, Vikki Ziegler learned that opposites don't always attract during a mediation between yoga buff, Meredith, and her motorcycle loving ex-husband, Andy. The attorney of matrimonial law had to reach a settlement between two future exes who have so little in common, even their Spotify playlists can't agree! From Meredith's family hierlooms to Andy's updated motorcycle, Vikki and the Millea brothers had to put their expertise to the test to ensure that both Meredith and Andy went out with a fair fight!


1.  Hierloom Vases

Purchase Price: Unknown

Appraised Value: $8,500

Judgement: Meredith

2.  'Tiffany' Lamp

Purchase Price: Unknown

Appraised Value: $500 (Fake Tiffany Lamp)

Judgement: Meredith

3.  Motorcycle Helmet Collection

Purchase Price: $4,000

Appraised Value: $1,500

Judgement: Andy, Meredith Receives a $750 Credit

4.  The House

Purchase Price: $750,000

Appraised Value: 1.1-1.3M

Judgement: Value Split

5.  Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Purchase Price: $10,000

Appraised Value: $6,000

Judgement: Andy, but Meredith Receives a $3,000 Credit


Now that you know who walked away with what, don't forget to tune into Untying the Knot Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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