Has Social Media Actually Cut Down Cheating in Relationships?

The answer might surprise you.

Cheating is, obviously, not a smart move no matter where or when you do it. But it turns out cheating in the age of social media is a true "rookie" move — especially if you attempt to hit on someone in the virtual realm, at least according to Vanderpump Rules buddies Tom Schwartz and Jax Taylor

Despite all the temptation social media might bring, and how easy it may make cheating seem, Tom and Jax think it is actually harder to do now because we're so plugged in.

"It's simple economics. You don't go through social media now a days. You just can't. It's against the rules," Jax said. "If you are the guy that tries to cheat on social media, first of all cheating in general is awful, trying to cheat on social media these days, people will screen[shot]. That's just a rookie move," Schwartz added.

The twosome, who are both in serious relationships, note that it's nearly impossible to get away with an affair IRL thanks to the myriad social media sites that may assist in you getting caught. "You cannot cheat anymore. If you're on social media and cheat, it won't happen," Jax said. "I cheated pretty much 99.9 percent of my life, and just take it from a cheater, you always get caught. I've been caught every single time." Jax also revealed that he's been threatened by the women he's cheated with, including releasing intimate photos of himself in the wake of the cheating reveal. "Luckily it was good angle," Tom joked. 

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