Tom Sandoval Reveals He Often Does the Walk of Shame ... from Tom Schwartz's Place

"It's too close to where I can't Uber," the #PumpRules SURver said.

Have you ever wanted to party with Bravolebs? Well our digital series, Bravo After Hours, offers viewers the opportunity to paint the town red with some of our very own as well as host and Everybody Curses, I Swear! author Carrie Keagan. So break out your best party gear and get ready to see what it's like when the Toms have a guys' night out in the City of Angels.

Turns out a good, old-fashioned walk of shame doesn't always have to take place after a one-night stand. For Tom Sandoval, it sometimes happens after he's had a little too much to drink at Tom Schwartz's pad.

"You know what though? Every time I walk back from Schwartz's place, because I literally live like less than a block away from where Schwartz lives, it's too close to where I can't Uber," the Vanderpump Rules SURver revealed during Bravo After Hours, while out on the town with his longtime BFF and host Carrie Keagan. "It's a walk of shame pretty much every night I end up back at his place 'cause I have to walk home."

Well, Sandoval, how do you expect to not have a walk of shame if you always do beer bongs at Schwartz's place? Check out more walk of shame tales, below.

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