Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Have the Cutest Date Night Ritual

Hint: It involves the night the #PumpRules star popped the question.

Have you ever wanted to party with Bravolebs? Well our digital series, Bravo After Hours, offers viewers the opportunity to paint the town red with some of our very own as well as host and Everybody Curses, I Swear! author Carrie Keagan. So break out your best party gear and get ready to see what it's like when the Toms have a guys' night out in the City of Angels.

As you might recall, in the summer of 2015 Tom Schwartz finally got down on one knee and proposed to his longtime love, Katie Maloney. She said yes, and the Vanderpump Rules couple wed this past August. The place where the milestone took place (the bar above Rock & Reilly's in L.A.) certainly holds a special place in his heart. But, it's always been a go-to hangout spot for the SURvers and their pals, which is why Tom and his BFF, Tom Sandoval, headed there in the debut episode of Bravo After Hours.

While it may be the crew's own Cheers, the bar obviously holds an extra special meaning for the newlyweds. "It's nice. Every time I go back in there, I kind of look upstairs and I reminisce," he shared with us. "It takes me back. And sometimes me and Katie will sneak away 'cause there's two bars: there's Rock & Reilly's and then [the bar located upstairs where I proposed]. Sometimes we'll be at Rock & Reilly's, and we'll be like, 'Hey you wanna go upstairs and have a drink where I proposed to you?'"

Vanderpump Rules
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Tom Schwartz finally pops the big question.

From there, it sounds like the date night takes a turn for the romantic. "We don't reenact it," he said, but noted, "That's like a little thing we do. It's a little tradition that we've sort of started. We go up there, we have a drink, we stare into each other's eyes longingly. [We say], 'Bubba, I love you. I'll never forget what happened here.'"

And neither will we.

Check out the moment he went back during Bravo After Hours, below.

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