Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz Are Packing for Their First Anniversary Trip Right Now — And They're Headed to...

It's going to be tough to beat that Bora Bora honeymoon for the #PumpRules couple.

Vanderpump RulesKatie Maloney-Schwatrz and Tom Schwartz are celebrating one year of marriage! After their destination wedding, they headed off to a honeymoon in Bora Bora, right around this time last year. And that means it's time for an anniversary vacation against the backdrop of another striking landscape to rival that incredible journey.

Where to this time? Well, the couple is packing for a celebratory trip to Iceland! They're leaving this weekend and will be gone for a week, Katie told Jet Set last night at the premiere for Lisa Vanderpump's documentary, The Road to Yulin and Beyond, at the Awareness Film Festival in downtown Los Angeles.

"We’re going to Iceland on Sunday. It’s our first anniversary trip," Katie shared enthusiastically (clip above). "We’re going to rent a car and travel around a little bit because there’s a lot of sites to see and things to take in there."

True indeed! Consider that Iceland is home to the Blue Lagoon and a chance to catch the Northern Lights... and here's a bunch of other reasons why it seems like everyone you know is traveling to Iceland lately.

Katie said the pair travels well together because, "We're both always on the same page — we don’t like to super-plan for things, we like to play it by ear and fly by the seat of our pants."

She said there's "always" room for spontaneity when they trot the globe.

And of course... there will definitely be photos: "It's so Instagram worthy there!" Katie told us.

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