Everything You Didn't See During Vanderpump Rules Season 6

Watch never-before-seen footage from this season!

There was just too much Vanderpump Rules magic captured this season, so we were #blessed with an episode of "Secrets Revealed" as season 6's parting gift. Here are all of the moments you didn't see this season. Enjoy everything from the Toms catching up with Mike Shay to finding out which lady SURver Lala has a crush on...

Vanderpump Rules
James and Lala Were Make out Buddies?!
Lisa Vanderpump gives James Kennedy advice about his relationship with Lala Kent.

Vanderpump Rules
Which Lady SURver is Lala's Type?
The ladies talk about sex.

Vanderpump Rules
The SURvers Play Dodgeball
It's time to celebrate Jax's birthday!

Vanderpump Rules
James Fixes Tom Sandoval's Off-Key Trumpet Playing
But Tom isn't too impressed with the final result.

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