Kristen Doute Used Social-Media Stalking Skills to Reunite With Her Lost Luggage: "I Should Be in the F---ing CIA!"

We're impressed with the Vanderpump Rules' jet-setter's approach to travel-drama problem solving.

Losing luggage is a complete pain for airplane passengers — and even celebrities are not immune to the common travel woe. Case in point: Vanderpump RulesKristen Doute recently lost her luggage and live tweeted the incident which, thanks to some serious investigative work on her part, ended happily.

Jet Set caught up with her to find out exactly what happened she arrived in New York City from Los Angeles, and here's what went down.

"I took the wrong piece of luggage back to my hotel from JFK," she told us. "Once I realized that it was not my luggage, I tried calling the airline. They were so unhelpful. So I was like OK, I have to take this into my own hands."

The airline — it was Delta, by the way — did tweet Kristen asking her to DM them with more information, but as is evidenced on Twitter, she was already in investigative mode.

"My hotel front desk had taken this person's luggage tag off [the bag], so I had them go fish it out of the garbage and give it to me. It had his name on it, so I Googled the guy. Luckily, he was verified on Twitter and Instagram. I tweeted him — I DM'd him four million times — and I was like, 'I have your suitcase. Do you have mine?'"

Kristen continued, "He's just like, 'I guess so?' And he hadn't been to his hotel yet, so I found out where he was staying and had him call me. We swapped [suitcases], and now we're both happy campers."

Skillful investigative work — and travel coping skills. Bravo celebs seem to have travel mishaps mastered... and we're impressed!

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