Lala Kent Is En Route to Cannes — And Showing Off a Fierce Reason for Flying First Class

An important part of Lala Kent's travel entourage needs as much room to lounge as she does.

Lala Kent has offered glimpses of her PJ (that's private jet) life, including the brilliant snacks she likes to eat and tips on how to travel in this fine style. Now, she's jetting first class to Cannes, France for the film festival — and as revealed one important reason why she could never manage in the back of the plane with the schlubs: Her hair extensions need room to breathe en route to their destination!

The next time you see Lala in all her blonde beauty, you'll understand why her hair always seems to behave so well: It's had as luxurious a flight experience as the head on which it sits.

Photo: Lala Kent (@lalakent)/Instagram

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