Stassi Schroeder Reveals the Most Messed-Up Prank Her Boyfriend Pulled on Their Amsterdam Trip

The #PumpRules party planner got the bejeezus scared out of her while on a romantic European getaway.

Stassi Schroeder and her boyfriend Beau Clark had the most epic of European vacays that never seemed like it would end (in part because they extended it and let fans pick where they were headed). And their stop in Amsterdam, complete with a food truck festival, seemed especially idyllic.

But Stassi is now revealing that that the trip wasn't 100 percent romantic, all the time... and that Beau even majorly punked her while in Amsteram!

On her Instagram Stories, with a "secrets revealed" caption, Stassi shows a clip in which Beau climbs a chair as a way of getting up into the rafters, where he hides when Stassi is in the bathroom.

When she walks back into the dark room, totally unprepared, he reaches his hand down from above and scares the living crap out of her. "Oh my f---ing god!" she shrieks at the big moment.

This couple definitely know how to keep things playful while traveling together — even when playful means absolutely terrifying!

Photos: Stassi Schroeder/Instagram

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