Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa gives you a glimpse inside Sur and begs you to remember the foolish mistakes you made at 20.

on Jan 4, 2013

In retrospect, I think it was good idea. The ice had been broken. I don't think Brandi was prepared for the information that Scheana revealed, with regard to him helping her move, meeting her mother, taking trips. . .all very hurtful. But it ultimately confirmed what she had suspected -- that this was more than a casual fling. Brandi has her wonderful children and is emotionally detached from their father, but her focus is to raise the boys in the most dignified way that they can, given the circumstances.

The ripple effect of this situation, regarding Scheana, meant that she also had to endure the wrath of Stassi, who is a headstrong young woman, very bright but often let's her emotions and neurosis dictate, much to her detriment. She relishes the power play of somebody being the new girl and Scheana would be a lamb to the slaughter!

I am constantly astounded at the challenges thrown at us. Just in the three years that I have been in reality, coincidences that have transpired confirm the old adage that. . .life is stranger than fiction.