Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa gives you a glimpse inside Sur and begs you to remember the foolish mistakes you made at 20.

on Jan 4, 2013

As the season progresses maybe you will have some understanding of my frustration at dealing with these provocative youngsters. Some I adore, others. . . .not so much, but always reminding myself that when we were 20, headstrong, and idealistic, maybe we didn't always make the right choices.

It has become the nature of the beast: a restaurant in Hollywood is often filled with waitstaff waiting for their dream. I do believe Sur is a more incestuous situation, full of vibrant, provocative characters, who are as lovable as they are problematic!

So join me on this trek for the next eight weeks, an expedition that has an abundance of twists and turns, resulting in unexpected scenarios, at times disappointing where I have to reign them in, reminding myself that I am not responsible for their behavior when they are outside of my jurisdiction!

A happy and prosperous new year to you all. . .Lisa