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Please Don't Have Sex in the Bathroom

Lisa would prefer if Jax and Laura-Leigh found somewhere else to indulge their urges.

Read Lisa's expanded blog after the jump.

Vanderpump is back. . .

A week where I had really reached my limit. Hearing that Jax and Laura-Leigh were caught in the act was something that would send me over the edge. I can't legally fire somebody for hearsay. It was an incident I couldn't prove, so I had to confront them, warn them, and then let it go. Would it be the first time somebody had been up to no good in a restroom? I am sure not and it wouldn't be the last! I was more perturbed about the relationship that was rapidly developing between the two. . .

Firing Frank was something I had no choice in. He was confrontational to a customer and, unfortunately, I was left with no alternative. No regrets, simple as that. When I viewed his arrogance and his attitude, I felt justified that I had made the right decision.

These kids have emotionally complicated lives. I don't involve myself in that but if it spills over onto the restaurant floor I sort it. I was adamant that Laura-Leigh was being used as a pawn in the game between Stassi and Jax. I knew her to be rather fragile and you will see the realization as Jax comes to terms that he bit off more than he could chew.

SUR is largely run without any histrionics on the floor. It has been for years. It is their backstory that we are watching, and, even for me, it is a fast and crazy ride that I don't attempt to keep up with. . .

It was rather enlightening should I say, witnessing the meeting between Frank and Stassi's parents. The fact that they openly admitted sharing a bottle of vodka earlier was all the information I needed to understand how obscure this family was.

Stassi has taken a lot of heat this season for her ridiculous behavior, her comments, and so forth, and it has been hard to justify and to defend. But as you will see as this story unfolds, the choices that are made between the friends and staff members are often clouded in a cloak of deception. I love witnessing their antics even though I know so many are making the wrong choices. When we are young, footloose, and fancy-free, sometimes the only way is to learn by our mistakes!

I am liking the developing relationship between Scheana and Stassi it is good to observe as they had such a bumpy start. Scheana most definitely will be a much needed influence!

Anyway 'till next week. Loved the sketch on SNL. . .such a compliment!

Love always Lisa.

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