Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa reflects on this season's drama and the drama you didn't see behind-the-scenes.

on Feb 25, 2013

As the curtain drops on the final act I feel a sense of sadness as we close the door on this arduous season of Vanderpump Rules. . .

It has been my first experience being involved behind-the-scenes and have been so proud of the beauty of this production. The titles and the visuals of the restaurant are a complete reflection of the sexy vibe that I tried hard to create. Understand this, SUR has run beautifully as a restaurant for many years. I have just shown you a fraction of the staff and their convoluted lives! It has an abundance of young volatile characters! But on the floor you would be none the wiser!

This chapter closes with the ultimate betrayal. The man that they all invested in and believed over their good friend, the man who spun his story to suit himself comes to the conclusion that an honest admission was the only way out.

The whole season was dominated by this fragmented story line that caused a splintering of this incestuous group. The twists and turns this journey took us on was completely exhausting.