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The Staff Talks Season 1 and Jax's Secret

The SUR staff shares their thoughts on the shocking finale and gives you an update on where they are now.

Stassi Schroeder How were you feeling about Jax post-his break-up with Laura-Leigh and pre-confession? Why were you continuing to see Frank at that time?
Stassi Schroeder: It was actually a very confusing time for me. I didn't know whether to trust Jax or not, but was willing to open myself up to him as a friend. He claimed he loved me and said all those wonderful things to me, but I just always sensed he wasn't being 100 percent honest. I was very guarded with him. I hung out with Frank a few times after because our break up had come out of nowhere and it didn't feel like we truly hashed things out and said our peace. We needed to see each other a few more times to really talk and figure things out. What did you think seeing Jax in therapy? Did it change how you felt about him at all?
SS: Not really, because he lied right to the therapist's face. He claims all the time how he wants to change and is good and telling people what they want to hear, which is exactly what I saw when I watched that scene. I can appreciate him making the effort to go to a therapist, but if you aren't even going to be honest there, then what's the point? What did you think of Jax's confession?
SS: It was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life. I spent the whole summer being the only one to believe he cheated, and to finally hear him admit it was just insane. I was going through so many different emotions, I was angry, sad, anxious, yet at the same time I had a feeling of vindication. No one believed me this whole season, my friends chose to believe Jax. I had the loneliest summer of my life and finally I was getting some justification. What did you think watching this season? Were you surprised seeing things from the other side?
SS: What surprised me the most was watching Katie and Kristen. They fully believed Jax was telling the truth, and I didn't realize how hurt they felt about me. The whole summer, I had just been feeling like the abandoned one, then watching the whole season, I see how they felt abandoned in a way as well. I obviously don't like some of the things they've said about me but we are all guilty of hurting each other to a certain extent. No one is innocent. I just feel fortunate that we were all able to move past this and become a family again.

Scheana Marie Why did you decided to sit down with Lisa and discuss the scheduling incident? Were you worried that she was going to fire you?
Scheana Marie: I wanted to sit down with Lisa to apologize for being disrespectful. I have so much respect for Lisa and I know it is mutual, so I felt I needed to explain my behavior. I wasn't worried at all that I was going to be fired. I just wanted to explain my point of view of what was going on in my head at that time that day. I was extremely emotional and I explained to Lisa that a friend of mine had just passed away and that fed into why I was so upset. I always work in the lounge at SUR and was told very specifically I needed to work the VIP party, so to show up and have them tell me I had to cover someone's shift in the restaurant was not something I was willing to do that night or at the time even trained for. What did you think of Jax's shocking confession?
SM: I wasn't at all surprised by Jax's confesssion. I believed it was true the entire time so I definitely wasn't shocked by it. I was more shocked that he finally manned up and admitted it. What did you think watching this season? Were you surprised seeing things from the other side?
SM: Watching this season was surprising. I didn't realize so much had gone on without me that it was really interesting to watch for the first time. I had heard so many stories about Vegas, but to actually see it was amazing because the stories I had heard seemed unbelievable. Seeing things from the other side I think was good though because you get to experience it with the audience for the first time. It's so interesting to hear the interviews and see what people said about you several months ago because so much has changed in our relationships since then. Anything you want to share with the viewers pre-reunion?
SM: Nothing that I can think of other than I hope we get to see more of me (and all of us) if there's a next season!!!

Tom Sandoval What did you think of Jax's confession?
Tom SandovalPart of me was definitely thrown off by Jax's confession, simply because it so closely matched the similar situation that happened before Jax had met Stassi. And again, plus the fact that the news of Jax cheating was coming from Frank, who obviously wanted to be with Stassi. I gotta say, I was pretty hurt and annoyed by the casual way Jax told me after the fact. His lying had caused such a rift in our core group, and I would have handled the Vegas situation so much differently. Obviously, I would've told him to not go to Vegas, and I definitely wouldn't have tried to fight Frank. Were you more surprised that Jax had lied to Stassi, or that he had lied to you for so long about the incident?
TS:I'm not surprised that Jax lied to Stassi. And actually, I'm really not that surprised that Jax lied to me. When you have such a big lie like that I'm sure he was thinking that the less people that know the truth, the better.

Katie Maloney What did you think of Jax’s shocking confession?
Katie Maloney: I was upset because Jax had been extremely convincing for months. It was really a let down when he finally confessed. Were you more surprised that Jax had lied to Stassi, or that he had lied to you for so long about the incident?
KM: Both honestly. I thought he would have at some point come clean to Tom Sandoval or Tom Schwartz but he never did. I can't imagine how a person can live with that kind of guilt and regret and still continue to lie. It was a really hard pill to swallow.

What did you think watching this season? Were you surprised seeing things from the other side?
KM: At times I certainly was surprised to witness somethings that I obviously wasn't around for. However, it helped a great deal to finally see and hear what was happening with Stassi and Frank (and same with Stassi and Laura-Leigh) and to sympathize with Stassi. Anything you want to share with the viewers pre-reunion?
KM: Something we all have really tried to convey this entire season is how close and deep rooted our relationships with one another really are. We have all been through so much prior to even filming and always work through it. This last summer was by far the most traumatic and eventful time for us thus far. Since we wrapped we have been through even more, but we are currently all on good terms and still patching up the pieces. I hope my voice and reason is heard in the reunion as I felt it was often lost through out the season!

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