The Sur Dish

See what Stassi, Jax, Scheana, Katie, Tom, and Kristen thought of the first episode of 'Vanderpump Rules.'

on Jan 7, 2013

Jax Taylor us a quick primer, how long have you worked at SUR?
Jax Taylor: About eight months, and I ended up there through Stassi. She said, "Hey do you want to start working at Sur?" and I said yes. What do you think of Stassi's behavior towards Scheana? Do you think she was out of line in her treatment of the new girl?
JT: I think she was just showing her concerned about how Scheana was acting towards me. I think she was just getting those frustrations out. I don’t think she was acting out-of-line or anything. Any kind of girl that paid any kind of attention to me she kind of flew off the handle. That’s just Stassi. That’s just her way. Her insecurities are pretty high. But I guess every girl is like that at that age. Tell us a little more about your relationship with Stassi at that time. How is she as a girlfriend?
JT: It was great you know. We were living together. Everything was going smooth. You know we had our tensions and our fights, like everybody else. But towards that time, it was kind of just fizzling out. We kind of just weren’t getting along any more. And, I obviously made a few mistakes and she tended to call me on them. And it made things more complicated us working together. What would your dream career look like?
JT: Eventually I want to work at an agency. I want to be an agent. And then eventually open up my own agency. That’s really the goal.